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09/11/15 - for The Malcontent
Clarkson and the BBC
04/11/15 - for The Malcontent
A review of Week 5 of The Apprentice
Sheer Magnetism – Sir George Martin & Live & Let Die (Interview)
25/02/13 - for Cinetropolis
n 1973 James Bond was about to change. Long gone where the Martinis, the Walther PPK and the Scottish accent. Bond was now English, drinking bourbon whiskey, smoking cigars and carrying a Magnum. Though none of these changes stuck with the Bond films that followed, they are part of what makes Live and Let Die a Bond film distinctly different from those that preceded it. Another major factor is the incredible score.
The Many Faces of Peter Sellers Part 2: Hollywood & The Loving Light
09/02/13 - for Cinetropolis
In 1964, fresh from the success of The Pink Panther and A Shot in the Dark, Peter Sellers came to Hollywood to work with legendary Director Billy Wilder and Dean Martin for the ribald comedy Kiss Me, Stupid. Things were really looking up, he was world famous, sought after and had just married Britt Ekland. Not only that but he was in Hollywood enjoying his honeymoon and had even stopped by to meet his idol Stan Laurel. After a trip to Disneyland Sellers suffered his first heart attack. Excessive
Soundtrek: Phonic At The Disco
06/02/13 - for Soundtrek
The 70s were a troubling time for many. There were a vast amount of drugs everywhere, trousers were massive, shoes were built up - like some sort of orthopaedic dystopia - and music was sexy. While many disco musicians were happy with their Bee Gees and Donna Summer, others decided there was money to be made with disco interpretations of film soundtrack classics.
The Many Faces of Peter Sellers Part 1
05/02/13 - for Cinetropolis
There have been many hard nosed interviewers in the history of the journalism industry, from Jeremy Paxman to Robin Day. They made their names by cutting through the crap and getting to the point.There was no messing around with these guys. A person could walk in plugging a book and come out psycho-evaluated. But only one got Peter Sellers to reveal his inner workings, to explain his real feelings in one statement. That interviewer was Kermit the Frog.
The Carcrash of Dr. Moreau
05/02/13 - for Cinetropolis
The motorway of film is full of wrecks at the side of the road. There are often disasters and more often than not there is an innate fascination on behalf of the viewer to want to rubberneck and see where and when it all went wrong. The most bewitching examples are usually the ones in which all is not well. Extending the road metaphor slightly, the best examples of a film car crash are usually the ones in which the back seat passenger has reached forwards and attempted to wrestle control of the
Paradise Lost - A Tribute to Empire of the Sun
05/02/13 - for Cinetropolis
During the early 1980s Steven Spielberg’s body of work were mainly studies in innocence, with a deep desire contained within to remain just so. Then in the mid 1980s something happened. Spielberg was suddenly addressing loss and grief. From 1985 until 1989, he was clearly in a sad mood. In 1985 The Color Purple had him tackling sadness and domestic violence, Always in 1989 had him dealing with the death of a loved one and 1987′s Empire of the Sun dealt with the death of childhood and ultim
Toyetic: A Look Back at Batman & Robin
04/02/13 - for Cinetropolis
With the massive commercial success of Batman Forever. Joel Schumacher was tasked with repeating the same feat with the sequel, only this time he was told by Warner executives to make the next Batman film a bit more child friendly. The expression they invented to describe this task is enough to make you want to smash your own face repeatedly with a urine covered, exploding-bat-hammer. The Warner execs told Schumacher that the next film should be “Toyetic”. In other words, an empty hollow exerci
Sleeping Dogs - Movie Comebacks No One Wanted
31/01/13 - for Cinetropolis
If there is one thing in Hollywood that you can always be sure of, money talks. If something makes money, it will always be revisited, no matter how diluted it becomes. If it makes more than it cost to produce, they will flog that horse until it resembles a tube of Pritt Stick.
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